Features and tips

  • Take photos or pick from existing in the camera roll
  • Upload inspiring works of art / architecture / design from the web
  • Extract color palettes from photos
  • Tag palettes and colors to match your projects
  • Export to design tools
  • Utilize your palettes in your designs
  • Share with colleagues and friends
  • Explore interiors, landscapes, nature, fashion and find their true colors with Coloro
  • Create your own interpretations with unique combination of colors and words
  • Find out the leading color elements of your own interiors
  • Capture beautiful colors of the world with just one click
  • Name and share your findings in social medias
  • Discuss and connect in Coloro group and fan pages to find tips to use Coloro creatively
  • Send your palette to Twitter or any e-mail client
  • Share your taste in interior design and fashion on your FB profile instantly

Coloro, designed for work and fun

Coloro is a color management application for the iPhone. We made it with one specific group in mind: the web designers. But with easy user interface and having functionalities like social media access integrated into the product it can be a blast to use for any iPhone owner.

Use the vision of the masters in your own work

Because one of the important ways to use smartphones today is the web, it enables people to find and use all that huge amount of image data that is available, right at their palm. This is where Coloro comes in. Think of the world's master painters like Picasso, Dali, Kandinsky or such and their superior skill in use of colors. Then think of the amount of inspiration that their paintings can give to a web designer as the pixel data and exact colors can be extracted with Coloro from any given image that is in digital format and then be reused in creative work. Also, home decorators or fashion enthusiastics would be the likes to enjoy Coloro's easiness in capturing and sharing their taste in Facebook with just a couple of clicks.

New dimensions, new views!

Coloro opens up new cool dimensions for the iPhone users and we believe that's what a good app is about.Check out the use cases presented here and our Facebook community. We sincerely hope that Coloro will be as much fun for you as it has been for us!

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